Lyon escorts - what i pay for an escort service

Lyon escorts - what i pay for an escort service

Perhaps the offer of escort service is not always clear and many people wonder exactly what the money is for. It's quite simple: you pay for relaxation, the escort meeting for fantasy, for a night without worries or consequences.

Do escort services sell sex?

No. And in fact, it is not even legal to pay for sexual services. Escort services ensure the relationship between clients who are looking for a Lyon escort for an escort meeting, for an evening and the girls who give their time. Basically, it makes no difference to a girl who is a hostess at a car show, for example, and who is paid several hours to share fliers and smile in front of customers interested in a vehicle.


And then ... what are the guarantees that we will have sex?

There are no guarantees, but basically all the girls who work in an escort dating service are also looking for a partner for one night, and I know which way things are going. It is good to establish over the phone what the limits are. Obviously, the client and the girl have the right to give up when the escort encounter actually takes place - it's a matter of physical attraction, it's okay to have failures, but generally things go well.

What is the difference between an escort service and a dating service?

The difference should be extremely simple and clear - except that in reality, things are not always the case. There are many ads placed on dating that are actually just a disguise for escort dating services. They are fairly easy to recognize because of the obvious sexual allusions. There are also many girls who work as independent escorts in Lyon and advertise with marriage announcements.


Can I call an escort service if I travel a lot?

Obviously. Many escort customers are tourists or service travelers who don't want to spend a night alone in a boring hotel room. In addition, for those who wish, there is also the possibility of hiring a girl to accompany them on a trip.

Of course, you'll have to bear all the costs - travel, all the time spent on the road (during which she might have had other clients), the activities they're - unlikely to be willing to spend the whole day locked in the hotel room, more than likely wanting to go to a restaurant or go for a walk. But it is a very good solution for cases where you have trips in the interest of service in small towns, where local supply is practically non-existent. You will have a pleasant and safe business, which will help you relax after solving service issues.