What are libertine women are ready to do to satisfy their partner?

I could answer so many things and I was really wondering what it was like to you the first time he, being so excited, dropped you in your mouth? Scary or pleasant?

Oral sex is the supreme pleasure for men, the way he can easily reach orgasm and without using his hand. Oral sex is for libertine women the way they can arouse and satisfy their partner without the need for real penetration. Whether you are in public or maybe at home in bed with your partner, the oral sex is done in the book can make you a much desired sex partner and why you may not even be his favorite porn actress.

What libertine women are ready to do to satisfy their partner

The secret of ejaculation in the mouth is very much with both partners, the desire and the excitement that both reach and especially how much they want to get pleasure, whatever the sexual limitations with a Montpellier escort girl in which we have been educated and used to living.

Some tips that you can implement

  1. Suck his very dirty penis, to feel your saliva running down the penis. All men want a woman who is extremely playful and dirty in bed, so don't be afraid to show her that.
  2. You moan when you have his cock in your mouth. When he hears you moan he will be even more aroused and he will want to have you and get sucked. Don't be afraid to give in to the excitement just so you don't look like easy prey.
  3. Let him rule you. Men love to dominate in bed, and your refusal to dominate can be misunderstood at these times.
  4. Try to take it as deep as possible in your mouth. The most exciting feeling for him is that you are showing him that you can take everything in his mouth and feel your wet mouth on the head of the penis. This will turn him on even more and he will feel like the happiest man.
  5. Play it all. Don't think about anything at these times and play with it as if nothing else matters at these times.
  6. Tell her to sit as comfortably as possible. Being comfortable and feeling good will make you sit comfortably and find your most correct and comfortable position possible in order to benefit from a suction like a book.
  7. Encourage him to talk "dirty" to you. These words and this dirty dialogue between you will excite you even more and awaken your desire to suck him as perversely as possible, which will keep his excitement and his desire to let go.
  8. Play a role. Whether you are a father and mother, a police officer and a prisoner, why not in love, give free rein to your imagination and play a role intended to arouse your envy and your mutual excitement.
  9. Urge him to let go. Talk to him softly and enthusiastically and urge him not to keep the sperm just for himself and share it with you. Tell him how much you want to have his cum in your mouth and that it will make you feel like you really are his whore. The more you talk to him horny and dirty, the more he will think about his arousal and let go.
  10. Encourage him to look at you as prey. The more you detach yourself from the image and the barrier of lovers and the fact that she is my wife and I have to behave nicely with her, the better you will feel together in bed. Show him that you like having a master like him who will make you fulfill all his fantasies, fantasies which in the meantime have become your fantasies.
  11. Don't think it's disgusting for him to let you go in your mouth. Think that several times you let go of his mouth or that he gave you tongues until you reached orgasm why didn't you reward him for the effort put in by ejaculation in your mouth?


control the rhythm of libertine movements

Women on top - This method is perfect when you want to control the rhythm of libertine movements. All you have to do is slow down and not get in so deep, at least for now. Then resume or change position.

Change position - As I said above, changing position is a good way to stop ejaculation, but also to spice up the game. It is really recommended to try to diversify the libertine positions as often as possible if you want to have a "healthy" sex life.

Ice cream on the body - Like the menthol candy method, the role of ice cream is to refresh the partner and soothe their senses. You can take a cube in your mouth, if you are holding your teeth, or hold it in your palm and walk with it on its body. But be careful how much you hold it because it can get unpleasant. Watch her reactions carefully and when you feel like it's too much, stop and continue with oral sex, then penetration.